This year I had an OK WWDC experience. I just followed it along on Twitter and via the WWDC app by watching the talks. Yay for the emoticons hypeย ๐Ÿโœ…๐ŸŽโŒ they can now be 3 times bigger.

One of the true highlights was SiriKit, I’m going to see how I can direct myย CPR Timer appย from the Siri interface. I’m curious if it will work with the Workout domain kind of service. These are the talks:ย Introducing SiriKit,ย Extending Your Apps with SiriKit,ย App Extension Best Practicesย (WWDC 2015)

Another niceย talk was about the new featuresย in Continuous Integration and Testing in Xcode. Hopefully once the next beta’s come in we can do UI Testing again on the simulator, because in the first Xcode 8 beta it does not work on my machine. For testing and in general in Xcode I am hoping for more stability over new features. Like no more disappearing highlighting and code completion please.

End positive. I love that in Xcode you now don’t have to download the documentation separately. The docs are looking a lot better too, swifty yo. Same for the new swift syntax IMHO, it reads nice and it’s intuitive. The Swift 3.0 convertor missed some conversions in my code but it was easy to figure them out.

Wishing you a great follow up to all the new iOS stuff from wwdc2016!